Outcome 6: Indicator 10

Indicator 10: Young people volunteer

Volunteering is an indicator of a young person’s social commitment. A young person volunteers when they freely give their time and energy to a project or role or programme and not for financial gain. Volunteering might involve anything from a formal volunteering role to participating in community projects.

How can I measure this indicator with young people?

  • Record of volunteering hours: you can use the guidance and calculation tools from Volunteer Scotland to help you estimate the financial value of young people’s volunteering. A financial value is a useful measure, but you should also aim to explain and evidence some of the other benefits for young people and the community, e.g. personal/skills development, social, community and environmental. You can use the Outcome 3 Indicators to measure changes in skills, knowledge and confidence through volunteering.
  • Outputs of volunteering
  • Accreditation portfolios
  • Number of young people achieving accreditation
  • Interviews/questionnaires with organisations that young people volunteer with
  • Record of the volunteer opportunities young people have accessed through your youth work provision and the external volunteering opportunities young people have accessed outwith youth work provision

Volunteer Scotland delivers Young People and Volunteering in Scotland research every two years. You can access the research findings on their website, as well as the questions used in the survey. This might give you some ideas of questions to use in your evaluation and an understanding of the national picture in Scotland.

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