About the Youth Work Outcomes

The seven Youth Work Outcomes are outcomes for young people through youth work.

They have been developed by the youth work sector in Scotland, facilitated by YouthLink Scotland, and can be achieved in a range of youth work contexts and practices. Each outcome has a set of indicators that help youth workers and young people understand the difference youth work is making and how well young people are progressing towards the outcome. The outcome indicators are designed to support reflective practice, self-evaluation and improvement of youth work services.

  • Outcome 1Young people are confident, resilient and optimistic for the future
  • Outcome 2Young people manage personal, social and formal relationships
  • Outcome 3: Young people create, describe and apply their learning and skills
  • Outcome 4Young people participate safely and effectively in groups
  • Outcome 5Young people consider risk, make reasoned decisions and take control
  • Outcome 6Young people express their voice and demonstrate social commitment
  • Outcome 7Young people broaden their perspectives through new experiences and thinking


The Nature and Purpose of Youth Work recognises that outcomes for individual young people come as a result of a negotiated process between the young person and youth workers as partners in a learning process. Therefore the seven outcomes can be adapted by young people and their youth worker and can be supplemented with learner-identified outcomes.

You can download a full list of the Youth Work Outcomes and their related Indicators from our Resources library.

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