The Youth Work Outcomes

Welcome to the Youth Work Outcomes online toolkit.

The Youth Work Outcomes articulate the difference that youth works makes with, and for, young people in Scotland. The seven outcomes can be achieved in a range of youth work contexts and practices. Each outcome has a set of indicators that help youth workers and young people to understand the difference youth work is making and how well young people are progressing towards the outcome.

You’ll find lots of tools, guides, templates and case studies to help you understand and use the Youth Work Outcomes and Indicators in your youth work practice.


Who is it for?

This toolkit is for youth workers and volunteers who deliver and manage youth work in Scotland, either in the voluntary sector or in local authorities.

What’s in it?

About the Youth Work Outcomes covers the Youth Work Outcomes Model, and the outcomes themselves – why we need them and how to use them, self-evaluation and improvement, and some guidance about using and storing data. 

The seven Outcomes explore each outcome and its associated indicators in detail, including ways you might measure each indicator.

Each of the outcomes is explored in detail in the toolkit. Within each outcome, you will find:

  • A description of the outcome
  • A list of the indicators
  • Detailed descriptions of each indicator, including suggestions of how to measure the it. These are suggested tools and methods but this is not an exhaustive list. When using the outcomes and indicators, you should translate them to your youth work context and develop your own ways of measuring them.
  • Links to useful evaluation toolkits

The policy context explores the youth work and the outcomes in a broader context, recognising the links to policy at a local, national, UK and international level, as well as showing the links between the outcomes and inspection frameworks, and sharing the history of the development of the outcomes and indicators.

Get in touch

We'd love to hear your experience of using the Youth Work Outcomes and Indicators in your work. We're keen to hear about how you've used the outcomes in your planning, the tools and activities you use to gather data, and how you integrate the outcomes into your existing ways of working. You can get in touch with our Policy team by email.

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