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This year’s National Youth Work Conference deals with the here and now – how youth work can challenge the issues posed by a growing poverty pandemic. Don’t miss out on some fantastic opportunities to boost your practice in relation to the cost of living crisis, sign up today! 

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A Day in the Life of… 

Dumfries and Galloway Council - Youth Work Service 

 This workshop will encourage you to discuss barriers young people face in rural communities like Dumfries & Galloway when living in and experiencing poverty. We will use case studies from our current practice but will also use activities to explore how this has a positive impact on young people with a theme of “A Day in the life.” 


More Than Just a Job - Supporting Young People into Fulfilling, Sustainable Employment 

Scottish Borders Council 

Isolation, anxiety, rising living costs and insecurity in the digital age. This presentation discusses some of the key challenges facing young people in 2022, drawing on real examples to explore these challenges and ask how partners in the public, private and third sector can work together to support young people in 2022. 


An Intergenerational approach around food poverty: Dignity in Practice 

Generations Working Together; Pilmeny Development Project 

Pilmeny Development Project and Generations Working Together workshop aims to explore the benefits of developing an intergenerational approach when responding to poverty and food insecurity within a community setting using the Dignity in Practice tool and explore how a commitment to ‘dignity’ can be central within project design and delivery. 


Removing the Barriers to the DofE Award in North Lanarkshire 

North Lanarkshire Council; DofE Scotland 

DofE- So much more than camping! Within this workshop we will look at the barriers to DofE participation and how we overcome this. Hear how our young people have benefitted from our approach in North Lanarkshire, reaching out to our most marginalised young people and how we embed this in our provision. 


Chocolates and Flowers – Our role in Coercive Control 

South Ayrshire Council 

Chocolates and Flowers is a short educational film and workshop resource which tells the story of how Katie, unknowingly allows Johnny to control her life through coercion and eventually violence, which she mistakes for love. The film aims to develop the viewer’s understanding of the subtle acts which contribute to a controlling environment within relationships. Viewers may themselves consider this type of behaviour to be normal – Chocolates and Flowers looks to challenge this and asks questions of us, the bystanders. 


National discussion on education: Youth work’s role in tackling the poverty-related attainment gap 

Scottish Government 

Scottish Government Education Reform team will provide an update on the National Discussion on education. Participants will have the opportunity to contribute to the creation of a shared vision for Scottish education, discuss emerging themes and consider youth work’s role in improving outcomes for young people affected by poverty in a transformed education system. 


Radical solutions in challenging times 

Voluntary Youth Network Area HUBs – Highland 

The session will explore how grass roots youth clubs have developed an innovative model for youth work focused on community empowerment and collective action. Despite 100% cuts, by sharing power and resource we can still deliver positive outcomes for young people in Highland. 


Poverty, adversity and violence 

Children’s and Young People’s Centre for Justice; Scottish Centre for Crime and Justice Research 

This session will provide an understanding of the role that poverty plays in the lives of children who engage in harmful behaviours, with a particular focus on those who enter locked settings.  It will also seek to locate those behaviours, and their experience of poverty, within the wider range of factors that impact upon their circumstances.  Finally, it will highlight the role that youth work – and other interventions – can play in reducing acts of violence. 

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