Youth Work Education Recovery Fund - a new opportunity for the sector

As young people across Scotland continue to stand up to the challenges and uncertainty posed by Covid-19, YouthLink Scotland CEO Tim Frew commends their extraordinary resilience and looks forward to the new opportunities that the Youth Work Education Recovery Fund will bring.

This has been an incredibly difficult period for all of us, but for young people in particular the impact of Covid-19 on their education as well as their overall health and wellbeing has been of significant concern.

Throughout this crisis the youth work sector has stepped up and shown incredible determination and agility to reposition our service offer to ensure that young people’s needs come first. The challenges are many but so too is that determination to stay true to our value base, to meet young people where they are at and walk alongside them, supporting them to achieve their best outcomes.

Young people across Scotland have shown extraordinary resilience. They have had to put up with so much, missing out on many things that we often take for granted and as they face the uncertainty of what comes next we have an opportunity to support their educational recovery. 

The new Youth Work Education Recovery Fund presents a new opportunity for the sector to continue to innovate and develop new models of practice in collaboration across the public and voluntary sectors, alongside our partners in schools and colleges.

We want to ensure that every young person can recover and take control of their own pathway towards renewal and success. In supporting them to achieve, the youth work sector can demonstrate its unique role in closing the poverty-related attainment and achievement gap. Youth work has never been more needed and youth workers never give up on young people. Let’s work together to make this investment go far beyond our own expectations of what can be achieved.



The Scottish Government recently announced a £3 million investment in youth work to support education recovery.  This investment will be made available to the sector via the new Youth Work Education Recovery Fund.  The fund, which will be managed by YouthLink Scotland, will be launched on the 16th of September and will be open for applications until the 14th of October.  The fund is available to both the voluntary and public sector.

Full fund guidance and application form can be found here

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