Investing in youth work to create a more inclusive and democratic society

The Congress of Local and Regional Authorities (an institution of the Council of Europe) Current Affairs Committee adopted a report prepared by co-rapporteurs Ilsur Metshin (Russian Federation, ILDG) and Thomas Andersson (Sweden, ILDG) on youth work, on 16 September 2020 during an online meeting.

The report identifies young people as valuable partners for public authorities, that must ensure living and working conditions in which efficient youth work can be carried out. The resolution calls on local and regional authorities to engage in dialogue with young people, design and implement innovative youth policies and invest sufficient human and financial resources to provide training for youth workers and spaces where they can develop. The report also underlines the need to pay particular attention to the situation of isolated or disadvantaged young people.

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  • Publish DateFri, 18 Sep 2020
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