Youth workers can be part of the solution by signing up for free climate emergency training

With COP26 now less than a fortnight away, YouthLink Scotland's COP26 Training Development Officer Freya Aitchison urges youth workers across Scotland to take advantage of a unique, free training opportunity.

96% of Scottish young people aged 16-24 believe that climate change is an “immediate and urgent problem”. The Scottish Government declared a Climate Emergency in 2019, and as Greta Thunberg famously said, our house is on fire and we need to start acting like it.  

The global movement for climate action is being led by young people from all walks of life. We’re here to help you learn how the youth work sector in Scotland can support this movement and help prevent young people and future generations from experiencing the worst impacts of climate change. 

What are we suggesting? 

YouthLink Scotland has partnered with Young Scot and Keep Scotland Beautiful in a Scottish Government-funded program to equip the youth work sector for the Climate Emergency. We are running free online Climate Emergency training for youth workers all over Scotland to help you get a better understanding of the issues surrounding the Climate Emergency and how you as a youth worker can take meaningful climate action. We have committed to training at least 300 youth workers between now and December, with COP26 as a crucial focal point in the middle. 

Who can take part? 

Youth workers from any organization in Scotland can take part in the training. This doesn’t have to be your full-time job, you could be a volunteer or just someone who works with young people in any capacity outside of formal education. 

Why should I sign up? 

The purpose of this training isn’t to teach you everything there is to know about the Climate Emergency. However, we hope that it will give you an understanding of the basic facts and an idea of where to start to keep yourself and the young people you work with informed about the ever-changing situation. We also hope that the training will help you transform your climate anxiety into optimism about the future and concrete action both in your own life and with the young people you work with.  

How will it work? 

The training is split into three two-hour modules with homework tasks to complete in between, and is accredited by the Carbon Literacy Project.  

Topics covered in each module include: 

  • An introduction to climate science and the principles of youth work 
  • An overview of the impacts of climate change and the concept of climate justice 
  • A look at effective climate action and communication 

Each module is specifically focused on the ways in which youth workers can support young people to become informed and engaged with the Climate Emergency, with particular emphasis on getting the balance right between making sure young people know all the facts and adding to their climate anxiety and feelings of hopelessness. 

We deliver the training through a combination of presentation, video and group discussion, and we would love to hear about your experiences and ideas throughout the course. 

When can I join? 

We know that youth workers are very busy people! That’s why we’re making an effort to schedule training modules at varying times of day and week, as well as some full-day courses, so that you can choose a course with timings that suit you. You can see the available courses on Keep Scotland Beautiful’s website, and remember we will be adding new dates as we go so don’t worry if there isn’t a date that suits you yet! 

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for the training today, and we can’t wait to see you there!  

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