What it is like being a young person in Scotland today? Survey for young people

No Knives, Better Lives are conducting research on what it is to be a boy or young man in Scotland today, with a particular focus on the drivers of violence. The ultimate aim of the research is to inform the development of a toolkit and series of training sessions to support youth workers and others working with young people to challenge stereotypes and assumptions about what it is to be a boy or young man in Scotland today.

To help us better understand young people’s views we have a survey for all young people of all genders aged 11-25 years to complete.

In line with our research ethics approach we have two approaches to distributing this survey that we need your help with.

11-15 years – please share the information sheet with the young people and their parents/guardians, to give them the opportunity to opt out of taking part, before sending them the link to the survey. We are asking that you provide support to the young people whilst they complete the survey, perhaps by sharing the link at the start of one of your sessions and being around whilst they complete it. You could even use this as an opportunity to run a session on the topic and start discussion with the young people.

If any of the 11-15 yr olds or their parents/guardians opt out of taking part, and you are doing this as part of a session, please provide a different activity for these young people to complete.

16 years plus – please share the survey link with them and feel free to send the information sheet to provide some more information.

The survey asks questions about things like gender identities and stereotypes, relationships, support networks and wellbeing. It will also ask about engagement in certain behaviours, such as risk taking and violent behaviours, and contact with the police. It should take 10-15 minutes to complete.

The survey will be open for 4 weeks. If you have any questions please contact our Senior Policy and Research Officer, Amy Calder.


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