Inspiring Children's Futures is a joint initiative at the University of Strathclyde with a collective vision of ensuring that children and young people have what they need to reach their full potential, particularly those who face adversity. They work in partnership with a wide range of partners nationally and internationally. Children’s human rights and the UN Sustainable Development Goals are the heart of their work.

You are invited to join policymakers and practitioners from around the world, working to support children’s wellbeing. Contribute to a study that is designed to help better understand the ways practitioners and policymakers protect children, provide for their unique needs, enable their participation in decisions that affect them, and prevent harm, at different stages of the current pandemic.

The Institute for Inspiring Children’s Futures, and their key partners, aim to gather this information through the COVID 4P Log – a real-time, free-of-cost smartphone app that gathers these experiences and lived realities anonymously by asking one question a day over 8-weeks.

The COVID 4P Log applies a children’s human rights framework of protection, provision, prevention, and participation to this pandemic context to better understand the ways practitioners and policymakers are reacting to the impact of COVID-19. The app has been created with the ultimate vision to close the gap that exists for children, between our ambition and their rights, and children’s day to day reality. We know that COVID is making this gap even wider and though we know there are new challenges and innovative responses, we don’t yet have a clear picture of what is happening for children, particularly in this unpredictable second wave of the pandemic. Practitioners and policymakers can give us a unique insight into the access to services and to provisions for the basic needs of children and families, and so we believe it’s important to hear their perspective so that we have a fuller picture of what’s happening, and so we can plan better for the future.

Please download the app and share your perspective with the COVID 4P Log team! 

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