Young people lose more than £6,000 a year due to wage discrimination

A new report by Young Women’s Trust shows that under-25s are missing out on between £820 and £6,300 a year because they are not entitled to the legal ‘National Living Wage’. 

The charity, which supports young women on low or no pay, found that more than a million young people are being paid as much as £3.45 an hour less for doing the same jobs as older workers, despite having the same responsibilities and the same outgoings. Over the course of a year, they are losing out on £6,279. The findings come after a major survey for Young Women’s Trust showed that half of young people are struggling financially, a quarter said they are in debt all of the time and one in three put their anxiety down to their money situation. 

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  • Publish DateThu, 12 Oct 2017
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