The Empower Project

The Empower Project is an intersectional, feminist, membership organisation supporting communities to lead change and end violence against women and girls in Scotland. They believe in a bottom-up approach to achieving societal change and influencing policy decision-making, focusing in particular on how gender based violence manifests in our new digital landscape.

The Empower Project exists to amplify the voices of young people on issues of gender-based violence, equip them with an understanding of what it is, along with teaching them skills to deal with and prevent its societal manifestations. In everything we do, we aim to be bold, proactive and accessible. For the last two years, The Empower Project has been hosting events for young people to talk about what tech abuse means, and in that time have learnt about issues like cyberflashing, harassment, doxxing and so called revenge porn. They have taken this learning to support organisations and provided training to workers on issues that young people are facing around the online world. As their membership grows alongside the breadth of sectors they work with, from education to women’s rights, they are expanding their reach with an exciting new programme.

They want to provide a space for young people to use their experience to co-design a unique project and will provide the support and learning to do so. What is it? Empower Pods is a brand new programme established to support young people to learn, lead and create in a community-led space. The project will run for one year and during that time they will work with young people to co-produce their own space for making change on tech safety. Supported by a project co-ordinator and pod leader, they will provide free training and workshops on tech and online abuse. At the end of the training, each pod will design their own project - this could be anything from putting on events for other young people, presenting in schools or youth spaces or speaking with people working in the field about how to build safer platforms for young people.

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  • Publish DateThu, 22 Aug 2019
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