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What makes a great youth work team? A great team will empower and inspire staff, volunteers and young people to co-design life-changing services. They work tirelessly to evidence the impact that youth work is having on the young people they support. Our three finalists of the Team of the Year category are the heart of their communities, working in partnership with charities, police, schools and other services in the community. They’re there for young people, and they’re there for each other. 

Learner Engagement Team, Dundee and Angus College  

“Now I’m a full-time student and absolutely loving it. I’ve got a lot more motivation and couldn’t be happier where I am.” Student, William Craib 

They describe themselves as small but mighty, delivering to 2,000 students each year. With specialisms in performing arts, wellbeing, mental health, outdoor education, sport, and community work, theirs’ is a unique approach.  

Over the years they have created a suite of learning using youth work values and principles for classroom engagement and development of the “whole learner”. 

They empower students throughout their college experience using a raft of tools such as Period Positive, After Hours, Find Your Future, Peer Education and their wellbeing agenda with key partners.  

“Our team is unique among Scottish colleges. How do we know? Because our fellow colleges ask us about it; how it works, who it helps and how it reflects on student satisfaction and retention. And to be honest, we’re incredibly proud of our team!” Nominator.

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CLD Youth Work Team, North Lanarkshire Council

With a youth participation rate that’s one of the best in Scotland, North Lanarkshire’s Youth Work Team are inspiring finalists. Their youth participation and engagement infrastructure has been described as “sector leading”. 

Recently the team supported the creation of a new ‘Transformational Board’ to enhance the voice of young people with elected members, which received the unanimous backing of the Council.  

During the pandemic, they proved themselves to be responsive, adaptable, resilient and innovative. They coordinated childcare hubs, created huge online events such as the Big Camp Out and developed new ways to deliver digital and detached youth work. Through comprehensive contact strategies, the team successfully engaged with young people who experience intersectionality and the adverse effects of poverty.  

In the last year alone, 700 young people completed a range of accredited awards including the Dynamic Youth Award, Youth Achievement Awards, Saltire, Outdoor Discovery and John Muir.  

Excellent teamwork, collaboration, innovation and professionalism has resulted in improved outcomes for young people in their learning, life and work. 

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FARE Scotland

“Our success is due greatly to workers, frontline, and back room, who see how much their work matters to others: being and feeling part of something bigger than self.” Ian Montague, Chairperson  

The FARE Scotland team are embedding youth work within education to ensure positive youth work outcomes for young people with highly effective school partnerships.    

In the last two years, the team were pivotal in providing over a 1.2 million meals to young people and families, as well as ongoing employability programmes, pastoral support, SCQF and changing their methods of youth work to ensure positive outcomes for young people were still achieved.  

They have supported young people within school to develop a campaign on the effect of Covid-19 on mental health, and have worked with the BAME community, creating multiple resources for all young people.

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