Scotland's political parties make key commitments to youth work sector

All of Scotland’s main political parties have committed to actions that further resource and recognise the youth work sector.

In February, Resilient, Resourceful and Reimagined asked politicians, local and national, to commit to three key policy asks: 

  • A right for all young people to access youth work opportunities
  • Investment in youth work services at a local and national level
  • Formal recognition of the positive impact of youth work across public policy areas

Following the publication of the youth work sector's manifesto, political parties in Scotland made a series of key commitments to protect vital youth work services through increased funding backed up by strengthened legislation.

You can read the post-election report here.

SNP has promised to deliver a summer recovery programme for children and young people, with funding set aside for community-based youth services.

Scottish Conservatives' manifesto outlined plans to support voluntary organisations through the introduction of multi-year funding settlements.

Scottish Labour's plans included the development of a national youth work development strategy to support the sector through improved recruitment and training.

The Scottish Greens supported a right for all young people to access youth work opportunities, and the integration of youth work into national mental health support systems such as CAMHS, while the Scottish Liberal Democrats called for a more securely funded youth work service to allow it to reach young people who are not engaged successfully in formal education.

All five parties also committed to increasing the provision of outdoor residential experiences for young people.

After a year like no other, we welcome the commitments from politicians.

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