More than half of young adults not ‘strictly’ sticking to lockdown guidelines

Strict adherence to government COVID-19 lockdown guidelines and overall confidence in government are at all-time lows, according to UCL’s COVID-19 social study of over 90,000 adults during the coronavirus epidemic.

The ongoing study, which was launched in the week before lockdown, is funded by the Nuffield Foundation with additional support from Wellcome and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). It is the UK’s largest study into how adults are feeling about the lockdown, government advice and overall well-being and mental health.

The study shows that ‘complete’ compliance of following government recommendations (such as social distancing and staying at home) has decreased in the past two weeks – declining from an average of 70% of people who were ‘completely’ adhering to under 60%. Under 50% of younger adults are ‘completely’ complying with lockdown rules. However, 95% of all adults and 92% of young people are still showing ‘reasonable’ or ‘good’ compliance with the measures.

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  • Publish DateThu, 21 May 2020
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