Family Recovery College – Scottish Families need you!

Scottish Families are developing a new model for family recovery in the form of a college course. They recognise the caring role that family members affected by alcohol and drugs have and the importance of each family member being supported in their own right.

They are looking for interested family members to take the role of course advisors to help create a structured programme families can participate in to learn and develop skills that will increase their own health and well-being.

Scottish Families will know that they are making a difference if participants:

  • Have an increased level of positive connection to others.
  • Improve and prioritise their own self-care increasing their sense of well-being.
  • Grow in confidence through knowledge and skills.
  • Are empowered to influence change in their own lives and the lives of their loved ones.

Course advisors will develop the programme and curriculum and have the opportunity to participate in delivering the course and support the evaluation of the project. In recognition of the significance of these roles course advisors will be offered a £50 honorarium for each day they support the project as well as travel expenses. The first course will be held in Glasgow.

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  • Publish DateTue, 12 Mar 2019
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