CLD Career Pathways Survey

The CLD Standards Council (CLDSC) is currently undertaking a survey which will guide action to improve career pathways for CLD practitioners including youth workers and could inform the workforce development elements within the Adult Learning and Youth Work Strategies.  Although primarily intended for CLDSC members, views of non-members are also welcome.

This survey is part of ongoing research into career pathways.

The survey will help:

  • To identify demand for training and qualifications to help us to work with providers and funding bodies to secure the opportunities needed by CLD Practitioners.
  • In the development of a nationally agreed and endorsed framework to guide employers regarding the recruitment of appropriately qualified CLD staff
  • Create a Workforce Strategy for CLD practitioners in discussion with key stakeholders.

Please share and complete the CLD Career Pathways Survey by Friday 18 June 2021. 

More information about becoming a member of CLDSC

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  • Publish DateWed, 09 Jun 2021
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