Open Government Scotland workshops

Scotland's Open Government idea generation public workshops are for feeding into Scotland’s Open Government National Action Plan.

Are you interested in understanding and changing how Government works? The Scottish Government is working with civil society to write a new National Action Plan for Open Government.

In five idea generation events in July, a broadly representative group of volunteers will help shape the new plan with their ideas and ambitions on making Government policy more open, transparent, ethical, participative, and accountable. You can be one of them! This is a chance for your ideas and young people's ideas heard - you don't need to know about the topic as there will be a short presentation on what's happened so far. 

  • Climate: 20 July, 18.30 - 21.00, all ages welcome.
  • Health & social care: 20 July, 09.30 - 12.00, all ages welcome.
  • Participation & democracy: 29 July, 18.30 - 21.00, all ages welcome.
  • Financial transparency: 29 July, 09.30 - 12.00, all ages welcome.
  • Digital & data: 30 July, 09.30 - 12.00, all ages welcome.
  • Special idea generation workshop for young people under 18, covering all 5 themes: 30 July, 14.00-15.30.

Pick the topic/s of interest: climate, data & digital, financial transparency, participation & democracy, or health & social care and apply here.

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