We want young people across Scotland to know that the youth work sector is here to support them through the challenges of the weeks and months ahead. Help us share #OurMessageToYoungPeople.

Youth Work – A Message for Scotland’s Young people is a short film for young people, developed with the Youth Work COVID-19 Recovery Group and in partnership with Youth Theatre Arts Scotland and young people from PACE.

We are asking all youth work organisations to share the video through their own social media networks to reach as many young people in your own networks and communities as possible - signposting vital services available to young people in your area, where possible!

This video* provides a clear message to young people about the support they can expect to receive from the youth work sector as we progress through the Scottish Government’s phased route map out of lockdown.

The Youth Work COVID-19 Recovery Group felt that it was important to communicate directly with young people, as a sector, during the phased renewal of youth work services. The film articulates the sector’s collective, continued commitment to young people as vital youth work services can be gradually reintroduced.

To help us get the message out to as many young people as possible, please use the link below to download the video and share it through your social media channels and through your networks.

This is #OurMessageToYoungPeople.


* The film footage used to make this video depicting youth work activities was filmed before the COVID-19 and current lockdown measures were in place.

Filming by Sandy Butler/Youth Theatre Arts Scotland, produced by Andy Catlin.

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