Poverty proof education: Committee reveals the financial barriers in the Scottish school day

The costs of the Scottish school day that fall on families to pay have been revealed by a parliamentary committee, as it publishes a report on what can be done to support the education of children and young people who are experiencing poverty.

The report can be found online here.

Two recommendations to note are:

  • “The committee recognises the important role that youth work plays in the education of our young people.  The committee recommends that the national youth work strategy currently being developed has a strong focus on how youth work and school based education can complement and support each other.”
  • “The Committee notes that improvement planning should be developed to be complementary to children’s services planning, which for example includes youth work services.”…

The Scottish Parliament’s Education and Skills Committee expects to consider responses to the recommendations, including what action will be taken, from the Scottish Government and others in early Autumn.  

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  • Publish DateThu, 12 Jul 2018
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