A Happy New Year to everyone as we start 2019!

A Happy New Year to everyone as we start 2019! At the start of a New Year it’s sometimes worth casting an eye back to the previous year to find your bearings. Have a look at our Twitter feed @YouthLinkScot for a quick 2018 review.

The Year of Yong People 2018 is very much in the rear view mirror but we are expectant of a solid legacy for young people that we hope 2018 will bring. Youth work must have a key role to play in making this a reality, ensuring that Scotland’s young people grow up loved, safe and respected and supported to realise their full potential.

Looking back it’s also worth acknowledging partner organisations and individuals which is why I was pleased to see Craig Rankine QPM Inspector, Police Scotland receiving an MBE in respect of the Police Scotland Young Volunteers programme, which we’ve been an active partner in. There will be others you know too, have a look here. We have our own National Youth Work Awards too to look forward to in March, which reminds us all of the benefit that youth workers bring to young people every day of the year. So let’s do it all once again in 2019!

Best wishes,

Tim Frew, CEO - YouthLink Scotland

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