Meet the finalists: Participation & Youth Voice (sponsored by Scottish Government)

Youth work gives young people the skills and confidence to be active citizens, helping them become integral members of the community where their voices are heard and opinions taken seriously when it comes to decision-making. These finalists have been recognised for their amazing work in amplifying the voice of the young people they work with.

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Let's meet the finalists!

Caitlin McKinnon, Fruitmarket Gallery

Caitlin has been the driving force behind the development of Fresh Fruit, a collaboration of young people and artists exploring new ideas through innovative exhibitions. It is the only project of its kind in Edinburgh and is an exemplar in Scotland. 

Caitlin has partnered with young people to review and reshape the programme, creating a safe space for co-production and informal learning. Participants were paired with prominent artist Jacqueline Donachie and tasked with programming three annual exhibition events at the gallery, each attracting up to 300 people. In 2019, these events were extended beyond the youth programme to be part of the galleries main programme.

Fresh Fruit participant Tosia Bargielowska Johnsen said: “My biggest surprise was how willing Caitlin and the gallery was to push forward strong but risky ideas, rather than resorting to safer yet less challenging solutions…I genuinely felt as if we were co-producing, rather than just passing on the crayons.”

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Sophie Rogers & Jimmy Monaghan, Working4U, West Dunbartonshire Council

Both Sophie and Jimmy have been instrumental in the promotion of young people’s democratic engagement in West Dunbartonshire. Working alongside current MSYPs and those who stood as candidates in the 2019 elections, they developed West Dunbartonshire Youth Council (WDYC) and in doing so, supported the young people to achieve their Participative Democracy Certificate.

Since its establishment, WDYC has led a consultation on local youth work priorities, developed a Local Outcome Improvement Plan and hosted local thematic events to identify key priorities for the forthcoming National Youth Work Strategy.

Sophie and Jimmy’s support has also resulted in the Youth Council being awarded £10,000 per year for the next three years through the Year of Young People Legacy Fund to support its local campaigns and Youth Council training.

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