Developing digital youth work – An agile mindset is crucial

Digital literacy and 21st-century skills play a crucial role as part of modern-day citizenship and modern life in general. Youth work should be able to encourage this. Therefore, youth workers need an agile mindset, willing to try new things,  learn from both success and failure, and be supported to do so.

This publication contains the main outcomes of the expert group on 'Risks, opportunities and implications of digitalisation for youth, youth work and youth policy' set up under the European Union Work Plan for Youth 2016-2018:

  • A working definition of 'digital youth work'.
  • Examples of innovative practices in delivering digital youth work and upskilling youth workers' digital competences.
  • Policy recommendations on the development of digital youth work.
  • Identification of training needs of youth workers relevant for digital youth work, based on existing competence frameworks for digital skills and for youth work.
  • Collection of training material which is available online and which addresses the identified training needs of youth workers relevant for digital youth work.

The results of this expert group will be of interest to anyone involved in developments in youth work in the 21st century, especially youth workers, organisations, training providers, policy-makers, other practitioners and researchers.

Summary document.

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