What is Youth Justice? Reflections on the 1968 Act

Fifty years since the Social Work (Scotland) 1968 Act changed children’s welfare, Scotland’s Centre for Youth & Criminal Justice (CYCJ) has produced a paper calling for further radical change that is firmly based in children’s rights.

‘What is Youth Justice? Reflections on the 1968 Act’ charts the development of youth justice since the 1968 Act ushered in a national coordinated system of justice and welfare, centred around the creation of the Children’s Hearing System and based on the 1964 Kilbrandon Report. It is part of a series of papers commissioned by Social Work Scotland to mark the 50th anniversary of the 1968 Act.

Claire Lightowler, Director of CYCJ, says: “Since Kilbrandon, change has been slow and incremental rather than radical. If Kilbrandon was the ‘big idea’ there’s not been anything to equal it since the 1960s. The paper argues that if we are to truly make the next big step change in how we respond to children who are in conflict with the law, we need to genuinely and completely root our response in children’s rights.” 

You can access the paper here.

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  • Publish DateWed, 05 Dec 2018
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