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A blog by Eddie Nisbet, our new Senior Digital and Communications Officer, on our upcoming #InvestInYouthWork campaign – and why it’s vital that the campaign receives as many pledges as possible.

Youth work is one of the most powerful tools we have to help us build a better society in Scotland.

It builds confidence and boosts educational attainment. It aids personal development and helps young people manage personal, social and formal relationships. It can lower youth offending rates and significantly reduces the likelihood of poor mental health. Youth work changes lives.

But it also needs protected.

Up until now, youth work organisations up and down the country have continued to produce life changing outcomes for young people on ever-shrinking budgets. The sector’s ability to innovate is one of its greatest strengths but, ultimately, without proper and timely investment, vital youth work services will start to disappear. It’s time for the sector to take a stand.

That’s why, to coincide with Youth Work Week 2019, we’re launching our #InvestInYouthWork campaign – a call to action to protect and grow youth work in Scotland.

We want to see investment in youth work services returned to pre-austerity levels, and a strengthening of the statutory basis of youth work services in Scotland.

We kick off the campaign on 4th November with five themed days of action, culminating on the Friday with our #InvestInYouthWork Pledge Day, a day when everyone involved from across the youth work sector can come together to call for proper investment in youth work.

To make your #InvestInYouthWork pledge, simply print off your pledge sheet, take a quick snap with you (and your team!) and post it on social media, tagging us (@YouthLinkScot for Twitter, @YouthLinkScotland for Facebook).

Want to go the extra mile?? Take a short video with your pledge sheet – tell us why you’re supporting the campaign, or share an inspirational story about youth work.

The more pledges we receive from across the sector, the louder our collective voice will be which is why we’re urging you to get involved. We need to send a strong message from across the sector to decision makers and policy influencers: now is the time to invest in youth work.

We know the power of youth work, we’ve seen how it changes – sometimes even saves – lives. Now’s the time to shout about it and make sure that youth work in Scotland gets the level of investment it deserves.

Ready to get involved? Download our #InvestInYouthWork campaign toolkit. Here you’ll find all the information and resources you need to engage with the campaign and spread positive messages about the impact of youth work.

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