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Ahead of #IWillWeek 2019, Eve Tunstall at Citadel Youth Centre has blogged for us on the role that digital youth work has in supporting The North East Youth Reporters take action on issues that matter to them. 

Social media plays a huge part in young people’s everyday lives, in how they interact and share information. From Tik Tok to Twitter, it’s worth reflecting upon how social media can be used as a force for good in the local community and introduce the North East Youth Reporters.

The North East Youth Reporters are a group of young people working together to share opportunities available for young people & report on issues relevant to them, using social media platforms. Based in the North East of Edinburgh, at the Citadel Youth Centre, the group are currently using Twitter & Instagram to share issues relevant to them.

Equipped with the social media skills and know how to create fun and interactive content for their channels, the Youth Reporters update their own social media platforms every Wednesday evening. These sessions play a pivotal role in digital youth work, supporting the group to have their voices heard and speak openly, both in the group and online about issues they care about. The Youth Reporters recently attended Leith Conference, where they facilitated discussions on key issues affecting life in Leith. From safe & green spaces to how connected the community is.

“Youth Reporters is a way for young people to be heard”

Back in June, some of the Youth Reporters were involved in the local Youth Talk event where they shared their opinions about the local services in Leith. One of the main priorities taken from this event, was around the access and availability of alcohol for young people. Therefore, moving forward, as part of Alcohol Awareness Week, the Youth Reporters have focused on how alcohol impacts their local community & how accessible alcohol is for young people.

As part of this, they’ve recently been working alongside Lauren Browne-Islam & clients of alcohol and substance misuse services to co-design an alcohol-related harm workshop at the Citadel. This workshop will capture the views of young people & service users and aims to create a dialogue between local councillors, Community Alcohol Partnership board members, young people and service users. This event aims to positively impact the community in widening discussions around alcohol free spaces & access to alcohol, whilst raising awareness for young people and the wider community.  

“Youth Reporters is a chance to give the voiceless a voice”

The Youth Reporters all bring their own unique perspectives from their communities in the North East and collectively share their experiences. Youth Work plays an instrumental role in supporting this, to build young people’s confidence and optimism to be a change for good and take a lead on social action.  

To hear more about their ideas and see their passion and dedication in action follow them on Twitter & Instagram: @neYouthReporters.

Feeling inspired by Citadel Youth Centre & ready to get involved in #IWillWeek? Download our #IWill Partner Pack. Here you’ll find all the information and resources you need to engage with the campaign and spread positive messages about the #PowerOfYouth! 

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