Meet the National Youth Work Awards Co-Design Team

We’re excited to introduce you to the fantastic Co-Design Team for the National Youth Work Awards 2019! The dedication and hard work of the team in 2018 left an important legacy and this year’s team of five enthusiastic young people have been building on their work. As well as judging the nominations, the team have been helping to make event decisions and will be taking over the social media channels on the night – keep an eye on Twitter and Instagram (@YouthLinkScot) for their live reporting on 13th March!

We want to say a big thank you to Young Start, delivered by the National Lottery Community Fund, who have provided funding for the Co-Design team.

The Young Start programme, delivered by The National Lottery Community Fund, aims to support ideas and projects that are truly youth-led, helping children and young people to thrive and realise their potential. We are delighted to be the first sponsors of the National Youth Work Awards Co-Design Group and look forward to seeing what the young people achieve as they plan this year’s event.”  - Gillian Katungi

Without further ado, meet the young people who have helped shape this year’s event…


I'm Caitlin a 17-year-old from Kirriemuir, I am a sports student at Dundee and Angus college. I have been volunteering at my local youth group for the past 2-3 years but have had involvement with youth work from the age of 10. Last year I was involved with the Angus Youth Engagement Strategy and I was also involved with the Angus Participatory budgeting. I wanted to be part of the Co-design team for the awards as I saw it as an opportunity to learn and gain new skills within social media and organising events as well as this I saw as an opportunity to help say thank you to all the youth workers across Scotland for everything they do as I know first-hand how important youth workers can be to the young people involved in youth work and the difference they can make to the young people.  


Hi, I am 20 and a regular youth work volunteer. I wanted to be part of the co-design team to learn more about what variety youth work take place in Scotland, to explore what makes incredible youth work and to be part of something different to the normal opportunities available to young people. Through the project I have been up to a number of things including taking part in events based social media and photography workshops. As well as planning days and sitting on the awards selection panels. I can’t wait for awards night!


Hey! I'm Naomi, 19 and work for a local youth project in a little seaside town in the highlands called Oban. I joined the co-desgin group because I think it would be good to find out more about how bigger projects and organisations run and organise events, as in the past we have ran award ceremonies for young people in the Argyll and Bute area and feel that being a part of the co-design group will help make such events even more amazing! I also just love being able to celebrate the amazing work that youth workers across Scotland do.

Can't wait to see everyone at the awards!


My name’s James and I’m originally from a small town in Dumfries & Galloway. I’ve been involved in social action since the age of 14 and have always tried to make a positive difference in my community. From helping younger people improve their reading skills to successfully marketing a local credit union, I’ve been involved in a wide range of schemes – all with a positive community focus. I wanted to get involved with the co-design group because I recognise there are so many other people around Scotland who dedicate themselves to working with young people. Having myself been recognised for my achievements from the #iwill campaign, I was keen to help celebrate the work of so many other inspiring people across Scotland. The group has done some fantastic work over the past few months to make this event special to all those attending the event, and I feel privileged to have been a part of it.


Hi, I’m Robbie, an 18-Year-Old, former youth worker and current Boys’ Brigade Lieutenant in Livingston. I have a great interest in the development of children and how us as youth workers can impact a child’s future and hence my child, teenage and early adult hood all have shown that common interest. I decided to apply to be a part of the Co-Design team in order to be a great part in not only celebrating the work of youth, but to also gain an experience in leading events for the youth and the youth workers. I also was aware of the success of the previous year’s events and the success that YouthLink Scotland had reached and that was something I wanted to contribute to.

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