Meet the finalists: Skills for Life – sponsored by SQA

What kind of skills do you need to make your way in the world? Confidence. Teamwork. Problem-solving. Commitment. Leadership. These are the skills the youth work sector is serving up.

Youth work plays a big role in helping young people to gain skills for life and skills for employment. It empowers them with flexible learner journeys, broadens their horizons and builds resilience. Our finalists have all supported young people to be innovative and entrepreneurial, working in partnership to nurture strong, sustainable communities.

This award is kindly sponsored by the lovely people at SQA and the finalists are:

Cupar Youth Café – 16+ Activity Agreement Programme, Fife 

Over the past year, 90% of young people involved in Cupar Youth Café’s 16+ Activity Agreement Programme have moved onto a positive life destination. The café has an ethos of family, support and trust, underpinned by a strong youth work approach through their unique partnership with Fife Council CLD. 

The café offers young people aged 16 to 18 opportunities to: prepare for work, college and life; try a range of new activities and gain qualifications and skills, all with the young person at the centre of their own learning journey.

What makes the project so special is the continuity of nurture and learning. Youth workers support young people from the minute they make contact, to when they move on to that next destination, and then beyond, through various youth work programmes and opportunities.

Helm Training, Dundee   

This project, based in Dundee, is charting a great course of alternative education for local young people aged 15 and over. The success of Helm lies in their strong youth work approach. Young people identify their own direction, working in partnership with an experienced team. Core skills development includes numeracy, literacy, problem solving, IT, teamwork and social skills. The project’s employability programme provides work experience placements and last year 74% of those resulted in a job offer. Their attitude towards learning clearly strikes the right balance for young people who have not succeeded through the school system, the programme has an average attendance rate of 80% in comparison to 20% at school.

Glasgow North East Strategic Youth Alliance (GNESYA)

It’s all about collaboration for this alliance of youth work providers, bringing all these great opportunities and projects together with young people at the heart of the change they seek.

The Glasgow North East Strategic Youth Alliance (GNESYA) promotes and develops a culture of strong, co-ordinated partnerships with youth work projects, colleges, sport and local government ensuring young people are provided with the very best life chances and skills. 

It’s their bespoke accredited Youth Work Modern Apprenticeship and Trainee programme that sets GNESYA apart. For apprentices, it provides them with a pathway into youth work training, employment and wider community development opportunities. It also powers the project’s commitment to a youth-led approach to shaping design and delivery to meet young people’s needs and aspirations.

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