Meet the finalists: Mental Health & Wellbeing Award – sponsored by Princes Trust Scotland

When you’re struggling and don’t know who to turn to, you feel so alone you may as well be the only person in the world. The unique relationship that young people have with youth workers, built on trust, can often be a game changer.

Youth work raises awareness, builds resilience and creates safe places and spaces, where it’s OK to talk about how you feel.

This award is kindly sponsored by the awesome team at Princes Trust Scotland:

“Well done to all of the worthy finalists up for this award. Good mental health is so important to young people’s success in life, learning and work. These projects demonstrate the vital role youth work plays in building resilience in young people to overcome challenges and gain confidence to seek support when needed.” Craig Wilson, Senior Head of Operations, The Prince’s Trust Scotland

Without further ado, the finalists are:

Y sort it’s Young Carers Service, West Dunbartonshire 

A childhood that is not a childhood. The role reversal for young carers will always be challenging, it means responsibility beyond your years, it means less freedom to be a teenager, and it’s a balancing act, which can often mean less opportunity to chase your own dreams and future. That’s why Y sort it is there to support young carers in West Dunbartonshire and make services and the community more inclusive of their needs.

Last year, their short film ‘Because We Care’ highlighted to parents how a young carer’s role affects them mentally, physically and socially. The project provides a range of activities, workshops and learning opportunities, as well as one-to-one support to help young carers improve their mental and physical wellbeing.

The team have been working hard towards introducing the Young Carers Statement using whole family and whole school approach in working with young people, families and professionals to create an ethos where young people and their families are respected and valued.

Donna Anderson and North Ayrshire YOYP Ambassadors

Dealing with the death of a young person who has committed suicide is shocking and heart-breaking for those closest but for the wider community, these deaths can leave a sense of helplessness. For 16 YOYP ambassadors with support from youth worker, Donna Anderson in North Ayrshire, it was these tragic circumstances that were the catalyst for ’13 Ways’, a campaign highlighting mental health support for local young people. 

The ambassadors wanted to counteract, what they saw as negative messages coming from the Netflix series ’13 Reasons Why’ which centres round a young woman’s 13 reasons why she committed suicide. Working with local partners and a creative agency, they developed a range of digital content and campaign messages to use across a range of social media channels.

Tackling a sensitive issue is never easy, but young people were able to draw on their own and their friends’ experiences with the support of Donna to create the content and a campaign that they hope will make a big difference to the lives of young people in the local area.

Hannah Lind, Crocus Group – Highland Hospice

“She is literally a life saver.”

Coping with grief is difficult no matter how old you are. For young people in Highland coping with grief has been made easier with the support of Hannah who has helped young people increase their confidence, manage their mental health and ensure they feel empowered during a time in their lives when the opposite can feel true.

With Hannah’s support, young people have created a range of resources for teachers and other young people, to raise awareness of the trauma and issues involved for those who have lost a loved one. Running sessions at local schools, creating video content about their own stories and a ‘Grief Brief’ to help people talk openly about grief have all been a part of the project.

Hannah has been a rock for many young people in a time the world around them can feel like it’s falling apart.

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