Meet the finalists: Faith-Based Youth Work – sponsored by YMCA Scotland

Where do we sit in the wider world? All the finalists in this category offer young people a safe place to explore the big questions in life.

Within a faith-based context, they are supporting them to broaden their perspectives through new experiences and thinking. Encouraging them to explore their spiritual wellbeing, understand social justice issues, and discover their place and role within the expanding horizons of a global society.

This award is kindly sponsored by the awesome team at YMCA Scotland:

“YMCA Scotland is delighted to sponsor the Faith-Based in Youth Work category and highlight the great youth work of the three finalists who encourage young people to explore spiritual wellbeing and promote understanding of social justice and action.” – Kerry Reilly

Without further ado, the finalists are:

Camas Team, Iona Community

Each week the Camas Team build a community safe space and home for groups of young people as they visit the remote island of Mull for a one-week, activity packed and memory filled residential trip. This wouldn’t be possible without the skills, dedication and enthusiasm of the staff team.

“We live together, cook together and do various different activities.”

From rock climbing to wild camping, young people get the opportunity to try new experiences, push themselves to their limits and learn in an informal environment. With no electricity at Camas, it really is about bonding with nature, the elements and your fellow folk. 

Youth groups return to Camas year after year (and some have kept going for 20 years!), so it’s clear that the Camas Team have built a fun, inclusive and empowering experience for young people across Scotland to enjoy. When can we pack our bags?

Ben Raw, St Paul’s Church, Glasgow

Thoughtful. Friendly. Welcoming. Inclusive. These are just some of the words used to describe youth worker, Ben.

Explore Faith Through Art Club at St Paul’s Church in Glasgow provides a space for young people to explore their spirituality in a way which is inclusive of all views and opens up discussion on topics like gender equality and food security. As part of their inclusive ethos, the project has made sure before you enter the door of the church you know what their message is, with welcome words in chalk on the front of the church.

Ben’s calm approach has helped him connect with young people who weren’t up for traditional church activities and gives young people a role and positive presence in worship. That great youth work has gone beyond the church walls and extends to creating a community that is inclusive and welcoming to all.

St Rufus Youth Group, Moray 

“This group is for everyone in our rural town. It discusses important issues and brings religion into a more modern and understandable context.”

Based in Keith, St Rufus Youth Group has taken a modern approach to important issues affecting young people and has increased knowledge and understanding of a range of topics including transgender awareness. Providing a safe, accepting place for local young people to explore their relationship with Christianity, parents have noticed a difference in their children’s confidence, understanding and charitable approach.

This year the church will celebrate its 200th anniversary, a time to look back on the past but also the vital role that young people have in the community’s future. This youth group made up of enthusiastic young people and dedicated staff show the real youth spirit in the community in Keith!

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