From Scotswummin to Youngwummin

Our project officer Amy reflects on the success of our Scotswummin heritage project last year and introduces our new Youngwummin researchers.

Over the last year, with funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund, we ran our hugely successful Scotswummin project. We trained 10 early career youth workers from five communities and helped them support 56 young people to conduct research on inspirational women.

They found forgotten and influential women from their communities in sport, business, music, fashion and the third sector, both in the past and present. These findings from the young people's research was displayed in Glasgow Women’s Library during August 2017. With support from their youth workers, YouthLink Scotland and Glasgow Women’s Library, the young people developed skills, confidence and knowledge. They were also inspired by the contribution women had made to their communities, which encouraged them to do more for others.

“People you didn’t know that had done something for the community, that actually live in the area, it’s inspiring. They are normal people like you…makes me think, I’m a young person I can go out and do that, means anybody can go out and make a difference.”

(Young Heritage Researcher)

What we learned from Scotswummin is that there is a continued need to support young people to not only engage with heritage, but to understand the contribution of women in our society. The young people discussed how they were surprised by what women had done for their communities and that they now appreciated the contribution they had made.

“It made me realise the stuff they were doing they were doing for other and not themselves, they were doing it for the benefit of people and not for the attention. They were doing it for the benefit and the kindness, that was quite inspirational.”

(Young Heritage Researcher)


To continue providing young people with an opportunity to explore women’s history, we have been funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund for another year. This time, we'll be supporting young people to conduct research on the impact of World War One on young women in Scotland. 2018 marks both the centenary of the war, and Year of Young People. Youngwummin will give us the opportunity to not only explore women’s history, but to see how issues from history resonate with young people's lives today.

We're working in partnership with the National Library of Scotland, who will not only be training the youth workers in heritage skills including curating and exhibiting, but will also help us host an exhibition in the Library for three months during the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This is an exciting and unique opportunity for the young people to learn about the impact of World War One on women and then share their learning on a national scale.

As with Scotswummin, we will be training 10 early career youth workers from five youth groups across Scotland to have the skills, confidence and knowledge to support young people to conduct research. Our youth groups this year include:

  • East Dunbartonshire Council
  • Yipworld, East Ayrshire
  • Shaper/Caper, Dundee
  • Dumfries and Galloway Council
  • Stirling Council

We'll be blogging and tweeting as the year progresses on how our young heritage researchers are getting on and what they find. Hopefully we'll also see you at our exhibition in the National Library of Scotland from June!

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