The Co-Design Team Reflect on FMQT Next Generation

As we launch the call for questions and audience applications for the second First Minister’s Question Time (FMQT) Next Generation, we asked the Co-Design Team to reflect on the first event which happened in September 2018. The Co-Design team have been integral to FMQT Next Generation, making decisions on the venue (The Studio, Glasgow in 2018) and the questions posed to the First Minister.

Although we believe, and a lot of the feedback from the children and young people on the day advised the same, the first event went really well, we still acknowledge that there are some aspects that need to be improved for the second event. Here is what the Co-Design team had to say about what they thought went well and what could be improved:

“I liked the bright and airy venue. It was very open plan and easy to navigate. I liked the various seating types and the majority of chairs were comfortable to sit in for the duration of the event. I also liked Halla and how she made sure the First Minister answered all of the questions when she tried to push some off and not directly answer them.” - Findlay 

“I liked how the event was nice and welcoming. If there was anything I could do to improve, I would make it more comfy.” - Divine

“I enjoyed everything. There was nothing bad there.” - Katie

“I think it was really fun to plan and to happen. There will be a few changes but it will be exciting to see how it will turn out this time.” - Eloise

“I think the venue was comfy and inviting. I liked the comfy stools as they were colourful and relaxing, but for some people, sitting listening to the questions and answers with only one short break in between can be quite boring” - Evie

“I really enjoyed the wide diversity of people but I think we could have managed time better. =) ” - Ivana 

“I think that we achieved the laid-back comfy atmosphere we were aiming for without the expense of harming the serious nature of the event, yet we need more time for rebuttal and questions from the audience” - Josh

“I liked the colourful chairs. I disliked the lack of enough food.” - Rosie

“The question time was interesting but there was too little time and it was too rushed” – Zander

The Co-Design Team are busy working on the second event and how they can make improvements for FMQT Next Generation round two! If children and young people you work with would like to get involved, find out more about applying to be part of the audience or asking a question at the event in the Edinburgh area on 23rd April.

Image created by Evie, member of the Co-Design team. 

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