Meet the finalists: Digital Youth Work Award – sponsored by Sky Academy

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Like never before, young people can take control of their own lives and learning through open access to unlimited information online. But along with these limitless possibilities come a whole host of new challenges.

When it comes down to it, our ‘digital’ lives are really just our lives, and our finalists are leading the way supporting young people to navigate new spaces and realise their rights.

This award is kindly sponsored by the Sky Academy, and the finalists are…

John Taylor, High Life Highland

Giving full control of social media channels to young people might give some people the fear, but not John. John helped young people create Facebook, Twitter and Instagram channels specifically for YOYP and then handed them the reins.

This lesson in letting go allowed young people to connect directly online with those in power, to talk about issues they care about, and showcase young talent across Highland. Whether it was talking at a community partnership meeting or chatting to government ministers on Twitter, these young people have done much to benefit their peers. John’s role was to support and advise when needed, his faith in young people has marked a real change in the participatory approach High Life Highland have.

“All of this would not have been possible if John hadn’t believed in us and provided us with the opportunity to really show everyone just what young people are capable of.” Young person.

Bolt FM, St Pauls Youth Forum, Glasgow

Bolt FM is Scotland’s longest running youth-led radio station and with 18 years of broadcasting under their belt, it’s fair to say they’re experienced in giving young people a voice.

Bolt FM works with seven local youth work partners giving young people access to state of the art digital technology, helping them build confidence and learn a range of new skills. They’ve even developed a partnership with a Zambian radio station which they now communicate with daily!

The station is licenced by OFCOM and with over 10,000 listeners, young people are given a unique opportunity to engage with the local community both over the airwaves and through social media, highlighting positive news stories they care about.

Digi Crew, Fife

Together, we can stop hate. That’s the message that young people who have experienced hate crime wanted to share with other young people in Fife. Tackling negative interaction and content on social media was their goal. The Crew wanted to send positive messages to encourage young people to take pride in being different.

They created an original short film to promote love and acceptance not hate, which was launched on Police Scotland’s social media channels. The film received over 150,000 hits and 100,000 shares, and due to its success, local councils are now using the content in their drive to tackle hate crime.

The group, supported by youth workers, are still together and are acting as ambassadors against hate crime, being role models for their peers and working alongside local politicians. 

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