Why should you apply to be an #IWill Ambassador?

Lisa Noble, #IWill Ambassador, blogs on her reasons for joining the campaign and highlights why other young people in Scotland should also get involved by applying to be a 2019 #IWill Ambassador.

Hello! My name is Lisa and I was selected to be an #IWill Ambassador in November 2018.

I became aware of the campaign as one of my closest friends who I met through volunteering was already an #IWill Ambassador. She explained to me how it worked and how many interesting and exciting opportunities were available. I had really enjoyed volunteering with organisations such as the NSPCC Participation Unit, Fixers UK and UK-German Connection in the past few years so decided to apply to see if I could contribute more to youth social action. I was pleasantly surprised to be chosen!

Being an #IWill Ambassador for me represents being part of a UK-wide organisation which promotes the volunteering work of young people in many different avenues. #IWill uses social media very effectively to showcase the work of young people and provides more opportunities to get involved. I have already met many different people; all with passions in different sectors — which I think is great.

Whilst it was brilliant to meet other volunteers from throughout the UK, I was elated to find that Scotland was also well represented. From my past experience in volunteering, I have noticed that we do not get as many opportunities as our English counterparts and are underrepresented in some charities.

It has also put me in touch with YouthLink Scotland who have been incredibly supportive and encouraging. I also get to go to events in my local area and see what change is being done in Scotland specifically. Although my studies abroad have gotten in the way in me participating in events this year, I hope when I return in July that I can get a lot more involved. I am looking forward to all the opportunities that are available!

I think you should nominate yourself or others to be an #IWill ambassador because it will undoubtedly open your eyes to the opportunities available to volunteer, it will promote your existing work and show you many more organisations facilitating youth action. It is also a chance to network with both professionals and other young people who share the same passion for volunteering as you do! It will also look good on your UCAS application(if you are applying for university) or even your CV as it shows you are a motivated, driven and passionate individual. Above all, it provides opportunities and resources to make positive change in the world that we live in.

To find out more about the #IWill Campaign and #IWill Ambassador Recruitment please contact Jenni Snell on iwill@youthlinkscotland.org or 0131 313 2488. 

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