#befree campaign

ASH Scotland is launching a new campaign, with Scottish Government support, to engage employability services in supporting young adults to remain smoke-free.

The #befree campaign will have a new, positive focus on aspiration and achievement, highlighting that remaining smoke-free during the 16-24 age range helps young adults to be happier, fitter and better off, and hence to achieve more. We know that this is now the age range where most smoking uptake happens, so our emphasis is not so much on stopping smoking but on how continuing to not smoke plays a part in getting on and doing well.

This campaign represents a strong start to the commitment to reach the 16-24 age group in informal education and other settings, as set out in the new Tobacco Control Action Plan. The rationale for the campaign is explored more fully in this blog

Find out more about the campaign and how you can support it, download resources and request your FREE posters from our new website www.befree.scot.


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