The Annual Bullying Survey 2017

The Annual Bullying Survey 2017, is the fifth and largest edition of the yearly benchmark of bullying in the United Kingdom. Ditch the Label surveyed over 10,000 young people aged 12-20 in partnership with schools and colleges from across the country.

This free report has thousands of the latest bullying statistics and fully explores the reasons why young people bully others. Included in the report is the following:

• Key bullying statistics in the UK.
• The motivations of bullying.
• Frequency and nature of bullying experienced.
• The impact of bullying.
• Rates of young people bullying others.
• The extent and climate of cyberbullying and abuse online.
• What it’s really like to grow up in a digital world.
• Social media trends, bullying and addiction.
• Recommendations.
• Real stories and experiences.

The report also comes with tips and advice for schools, colleges, practitioners, parents/guardians and young people.

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  • Publish DateWed, 09 Aug 2017
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