The Prince’s Trust eBay Youth Index

The Prince’s Trust eBay Youth Index (pdf, 2mb) has found that 57% of 16-25 year olds believe social media creates an “overwhelming pressure” to succeed, while 46% say that comparing their lives to their friends on social media makes them feel “inadequate”. 

Published at a time when comparison with peers online seems inescapable for many young people, the report reveals how almost half (48%) feel more anxious about their future when comparing themselves to others on social media. 

More than a third (38%) worry that they will never be as happy as the people they see on social media and one in six (16%) “always” or “often” feel “panicked” when seeing the lives of their friends online.

The Youth Index is a national survey that gauges young people’s happiness and confidence across a range of areas from their working life to physical and mental health. The latest report – based on an online survey of 2,162 young people across the UK aged 16-25 – finds the overall Index score has flat-lined at its lowest level in a decade at 69.

The report finds that 41% of young people feel more confident online than they do in person. This is highest among 16-18 year olds at 47%, significantly more than the 19-25 year olds. These figures come in parallel with findings that young people’s confidence in their emotional health has dropped to its lowest level since the Index began, with a score of 64.

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