Please see below for the most frequently asked questions regarding the Cyber Resilience Badges and Resources Fund. For any queries that aren't answered below, please contact hphillips@youthlinkscotland.org.


Do I need to be a member of YouthLink Scotland to apply? 

No. This fund is open to any organisation working with young people in Scotland.  


What evidence of learning are you looking for? 

For children and young people, achieving a badge or award should be a means of evidencing learning. Where possible it should be identifiable at levels of the SCQF and valued with credit. (But see below) 


Our award is not SCQF accredited. Is that OK? 

Yes, but we would like to hear how you plan to use the Cyber Resilience Badge Benchmark as a way of ensuring the quality and relevance of your project. 


We are not creating or participating in any award scheme. Is that a problem? 

If you can demonstrate how your resource will support children and young people to develop their cyber resilience and how you will use the Cyber Resilience Badge Benchmark  


Will you support projects with a more focused age range? 

At YouthLink Scotland our work focuses on young people aged 11 and older. For this project, we are open to projects that also include younger children. 

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