Please find answers to frequently asked questions in relation to the Covid-19 Outdoor Education Recovery Fund. If your query is not listed below, you can email our National Grants Officer Jane Dailly on jdailly@youthlinkscotland.org and we'll respond as soon as we are able.


Q: Are local authority or arm’s length (local authority) charities eligible to apply to the fund?

A: No, only voluntary or private sector outdoor education providers are eligible to apply.


Q: Who should be the lead applicant?

A: The lead applicant should be the voluntary or private sector outdoor education provider.  The partner/s listed in the application should be the formal education setting.


Q: Is there an upper or lower limit in relation to the size of award that may be requested?

A: There is no upper or lower limit in recognition that some applicants may want to submit larger bids involving multiple formal education partners (e.g. a schools cluster) and others may want to submit smaller bids with a single formal education partner.  Applicants should however be aware of the available pot (£500,000) and that the fund is intended to benefit young people from across Scotland.


Q: I am a sole trader who runs a business providing outdoor learning experiences to children and young people. Can I apply?

A: Yes, sole traders can apply as long as they meet the other eligibility criteria. In planning an application in partnership with an education establishment sole traders so give careful consideration to capacity to fully deliver the proposal given lack of other available staff.


Q: The guidance states that eligible organisations should routinely provide curriculum relevant outdoor education opportunities to young people aged 3 – 18. What constitutes “routinely”?


A: eligibility is not related simply to the “volume” of outdoor learning an organisation delivers. The emphasis here is on whether you have an established history of providing outdoor learning.  Assessor's consideration of this eligibility criteria will take into account:


- Evidence/knowledge of established history of delivery of outdoor learning

- The information given in the mission/vision of the organisation

- The quality of the outdoor learning offer

- Competence of the lead partner to deliver quality outdoor learning (what previous experience/history do they have in this area, licenced practice etc.)

 - Robustness of the formal education partner relationship (is there a history of partnership working?)




Q: Are UK wide organisation which operate in Scotland eligible?

A: Applicants from organisations which also operates outwith Scotland are eligible if they can demonstrate that they have a base in Scotland and routinely conduct operations In Scotland.


Q: I want to work with more than one partner, should I submit multiple applications?

A: Applicants can submit one or several applications there is no set “rule”.  It may make sense to submit one application that includes several partners if you are working (for example) with several schools in the same local authority area to deliver the same programme.  If you are working with a number of partners in different local authority areas it may make more sense to submit a separate application per area (please note there is no allocation per local authority area)


Q: Eligible organisations should routinely provide curricular relevant outdoor education opportunities for young people aged 3 – 18. What constitutes “routinely”?


A: What we’re looking for here (and what assessors will be scoring) is not a % of delivery but an established history of providing outdoor learning. Assessors will consider the established history of providing outdoor learning; the quality of the outdoor learning offer; competence of the lead partner to deliver quality outdoor learning and the robustness of the partnership with the formal education provider (is there a history of partnership working?)


Q: The guidance suggests that “Activity should be focused at or close to the formal education setting to demonstrate the accessibility and potential of outdoor activity in day-to-day learning” does this mean that outdoor centres can’t be used?


A: Provided that Covid-19 travel rules allow it, and the centre is relatively local to the school, then it’s fine to deliver at the centre.

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