Scotch Whisky Action Fund

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The Scotch Whisky Action Fund makes awards of up to £25,000 for a one year period to invest in groups and organisations that wish to reduce the impact of alcohol-related harm in Scotland's communities. The scheme's priorities are:

  • the development of new, innovative projects designed to reduce alcohol-related harms within communities;
  • the development of new, innovative projects that aim to educate people and communities about the dangers and consequences of misusing alcohol;
  • pilot projects that will test out new initiatives and ideas designed to promote responsible attitudes to alcohol consumption and prevent alcohol-misuse; and
  • projects that promote alternative leisure and lifestyle choices for adults and young people to prevent alcohol-misuse.

Applications from existing projects which can demonstrate success in reducing harm can receive further funding of up to £25,000 a year to support their initiative. The Fund can support projects for a maximum of three years.

The deadline for applications is 28 June 2021.

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