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  • Closing Date: Fri, 28 Feb 2020
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The Robertson Trust is an independent Scottish grant-making trust which exists to provide funding to third sector organisations in Scotland through its Open Grants awards. In practice, this enables the Trustees to donate to a wide range of charitable objectives where the work takes place in, or has an impact on Scotland. The Trust aims to improve the quality of life and realise the potential of people and communities across Scotland by tackling disadvantage and supporting Scottish charitable organisations.

There are three funding strands:

  • Care & Wellbeing focuses on the need to improve people's physical and mental health and address health inequalities in Scotland.
  • Realising Potential seeks to address social and educational inequalities among children and young people in Scotland and supports more young people to reach positive destinations.
  • Strengthening Communities has been designed to respond to social inequalities in Scotland and looks for solutions that address local need.

The Grant Programme offers:

The deadline for applications for Main and Small Awards is 28 February 2020.

A new funding programme will be launched alongside its new strategy in the summer of 2020 which will have a stronger focus on poverty and trauma, their causes and impact. The Trust will stop making grants under its current strategy in June 2020.

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