Royal Caledonian Education Trust – Scotland’s Armed Forces Children’s Charity (RCET)

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RCET operates a Grants Programme which provides grants to individuals from Armed Forces families to support their education and well-being.  RCET also has an Education Programme working with schools, local authorities, Armed Forces charities, partner organisations and communities providing advice, educational resources and training to help identify and support the needs of children and young people from Armed Forces families.

Around 300 individual grants are awarded each year. Support is given by:

  • providing educational grants for school clothing, school trips and after school activities for those families who find it difficult to fund it themselves; and
  • supporting those who want to continue their education beyond school by assisting with their living expenses while in higher education or vocational training, especially for those families who find it difficult to fund these costs themselves.

For further information about RCET Grants please contact Karen Smith, Temporary Children & Family Support Co-ordinator.

For further information about the RCET Education Programme please contact Moira Leslie Education Manager.

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