Resilient & Inclusive Communities Fund

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  • Closing Date: Mon, 01 Mar 2021
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This Fund is a small grant programme from BEMIS, funded by Foundation Scotland from the Response, Recovery and Resilience Fund, for diverse Ethnic Minority community groups and organisations to set up programmes and services supporting disadvantaged and excluded communities. The programme aims to advance community resilience, empower local communities, enhance community spirit, increase responsive healing activities, stimulate inclusive national identity and facilitate responsive and inclusive local support provisions.

Small grants of up to £3,000 are available to local community groups and organisations supporting communities that are:

  • experiencing, or are at risk of, domestic abuse;
  • living with poor, interrupted or impaired access to food, shelter and necessary amenities (e.g. sanitation, heating);
  • experiencing poor of interrupted access to critical advice, services or care (owing to poor digital access, language barriers, physical or cognitive restrictions, changing circumstances, etc.);
  • experiencing poor or worsening mental health (e.g. compulsion, dependencies, depression); and
  • in poverty, or are at risk of poverty or destitution (especially those with no recourse to public funds).

This fund is open to non-profit community groups with an annual income of no more than £100,000. The programme is open until March 2021.

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