Postcode Local Trust

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  • Closing Date: Tue, 18 Aug 2020
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Postcode Local Trust is supported by the Players of People’s Postcode Lottery, funding projects in Great Britain of up to 12 months in length. The Trust opens for applications at certain periods throughout the year.

Postcode Local Trust provides funding under the themes 'Improving biodiversity & green spaces, increasing community access to outdoor space and Combatting climate change & promoting sustainability'.

Good causes can apply for grants between £500 and £20,000 but can only apply for over £2,000 if they are a registered charity. Each organisation must have a constitution and a bank account in their name. Stage 1 of the second round of funding for 2020 is open from 4 to 18 August. Applicants are advised to read through the funding guide currently available on each of the Trust websites. There is also a handy eligibility quiz which will help those check if their organisation and project is eligible to apply.

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