Food for Life Get Togethers

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Groups from Glasgow, Inverclyde, Edinburgh can apply for the Food for Life Get Togethers small grant scheme. The small grants scheme runs from June 2020 to April 2021 and awards up to £150. The grants support community-led food growing, cooking and sharing activity and Get Togethers.   

Applications which have a focus on one or more of the following are welcome: 

  • Food activity that has potential to be long term and become a normal and regular activity your community just does.
  • Food based activity that is community led and created together with the people and communities who will benefit.
  • Food activity which includes people and groups from disadvantaged and diverse communities. 
  • Activity that brings people, households, streets, neighbourhoods and communities together through food.  
  • Food activity which tackles or reduces experience of loneliness or social isolation for younger and older people in your community.
  • Food activity which encourages people to have a more positive attitude to ageing and/or people from backgrounds different to their own.  
  • Online and virtual ways to meaningfully Get Together through good food, cooking, growing or sharing.
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