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There are a number of different education, training, youth and sport funding opportunities for UK organisations under Erasmus+

  • Key Action 1 - Mobility of Individuals in the field of youth.
  • Key Action 2  - Strategic Partnerships in the fields of youth.
  • Key Action 3  - Youth Dialogue projects.
  • Jean Monnet Actions
  • Sport actions

The remaining deadlines for Key Action 1,2 and 3 for the youth sector have passed.

Take a look at the youth funding homepage for more information about the various funds. Deadlines for submitting 2020 applications can be found in the 2020 Call for Proposals.

It was recently announced that in order to the respond to the circumstances created by the Covid-19 pandemic there is an additional opportunity for UK organisations to apply for Erasmus+ Strategic Partnerships funding, with a deadline of 29 October 2020, 11am (UK time).

Projects successfully bid for during the current programme (2014-2020) will continue to receive EU funding for the full duration of the project, including those where funding runs beyond 2020 and the end of the transition period. 

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