The Digital Inclusion Fund

  • Closing Date: Fri, 25 Sep 2020
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The Digital Inclusion Programme is a Scottish Government capital fund that aims to reduce digital poverty. The programme is delivered by YouthLink Scotland in partnership with Lead Scotland and WEA. The aim is to provide community-based young adult learners with the resources they need to engage in online learning.

The Programme provides provide iPads, Chromebooks and adaptive/assistive technology to community-based young adult learners who are:

  • 16 to 30 years of age (if the community based learner experiences multiple barriers to participation some discretion may be applied to the age range);
  • digitally excluded – do not have an appropriate device and/or are not connected to the internet at home;
  • on low incomes so cannot afford to buy a device or pay for internet access;
  • not in full-time education, employment or training;
  • at risk of isolation or further exclusion due to coronavirus; and
  • linked with an organisation for support to learn.

Getting online will help them access the services and support they need to engage in online learning opportunities and stay connected with families and communities.

Guidance for applicants.

Online application form.

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