Dundee Youth Fund

The Dundee Youth Fund awards grants to projects and activities that support the development of learning opportunities in Dundee for young people aged 10 to 26 who live, work or study in Dundee.

Priority is given to applications that:

  • increase employability skills;
  • increase awareness of physical and mental health;
  • develop personal and social skills;
  • develop entrepreneurial skills and social enterprises;
  • encourage young people to be active outdoors;
  • encourage young people to take care of the natural environment; and
  • promote and enable equal access to opportunities.

Each individual can apply to the Dundee Youth Fund twice in one financial year (April to March) and each organisation once. There are three levels of award:

Piggy Bank:  Small grants up to £500.
Money Box:  Medium grants between £501 and 2000.
The Vault:  Large grants between £2001 and £5000.

The application deadline is the last day of the month before the Youth Panel meets in the following month. Updated criteria and information is always available on the Dundee Youth Fund website. Criteria and priorities may be changed by the Youth Panel between Rounds.

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