The Cattanach Charitable Trust

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The Cattanach Trust seeks applications for projects which support children from pre-birth to three years old, who are affected by levels of relative deprivation. 

Projects should be working from a strengths based model; the existing and potential strengths of the child, the family and the community should be recognised and should form the basis of the work. Projects must actively involve the parent(s)/main carers of the children.

If you wish to make an application you must first register on the website, with the charity number of your organisation. The work you want to do must be in Scotland. You must be working with young children (under 3) and their families, or with families expecting a baby, either in an urban or rural setting. Families experiencing deprivation or in crisis will be given priority. The Trust is particularly interested in parenting, attachment, family support, and the healthy emotional and physical development of young children. The Trust wishes to encourage training for staff and volunteers, and may recommend training or evaluation help.

There are no deadlines and applications can be made at any time.

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