Cyber Resilience Badges and Resources Fund

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This fund aims to support the youth work sector to embed cyber resilience at the heart of youth work in the digital world as a key element in informal learning.  

Youth work organisations in Scotland can apply for funding of £500 to £5,000 to develop a cyber-resilience badge/award/resources (at more than one level if appropriate) that will enable children and young people to: 

  • Grow their cyber resilience as effective contributors, enhancing their abilities to be safe and secure in the digital world.
  • Use technology to become successful learners, developing employability and life skills to succeed.
  • Assess risk in relation to digital and make informed decisions as confident individuals and responsible citizens.

Projects should support children and young people to recognise what matters for staying safe and secure online, developing the skills to react appropriately and recover when threatening situations occur. Activities should help children and young people to: 

  • Apply their knowledge of staying safe when using digital to enhance their lives.
  • Choose strong passwords when setting up online accounts.
  • Keep mobile phones, computers and other devices safe, secure and private.
  • Use trusted software and not download apps/programmes they are not sure about.
  • Explore and use anti-virus software.
  • Know when to share decision making with an adult they trust.
  • Become aware of their private and personal information and know how to make decisions about what to share.
  • Recognise and react to scams, phishing, disinformation and fake news.
  • Use social media privacy settings.
  • Recognise cyberbullying, grooming and other online exploitation, developing skills to react and recover.

YouthLink Scotland is managing this funding as part of a project in partnership with the Scottish Government, in relation to Outcome 1 of the Strategic Framework for a Cyber Resilient Scotland1: “People recognize the cyber risks and are well-prepared to manage them”. 

The Cyber Resilience Learning and Skills Action plan supports the overall strategy.   

YouthLink Scotland will fund: 

  • The creation of a new badge or award that young people can complete in an informal education setting. This would normally be within the context of youth work.
  • The adaptation of an existing badge or award. 
  • The creation or adaptation of youth work resources.
  • Training for staff and volunteers to deliver the new badge/award.
  • Resource creation costs such as printing or creation of software.
  • Other proposals from youth work organisations that can demonstrate how they will embed cyber resilience informal learning in their work.

The deadline for applications is 15 August 2021 and projects must be completed by March 2022.

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