Corra Foundation Strategy 2020 – 2030

The Corra Foundation works to make a difference to the lives of people and communities and to encourage positive change, opportunity, fairness and growth of aspirations which improve quality of life. Its core vision is a society in which people find their voice, create positive change and enjoy fulfilling lives.

Corra has now launched a long term ten-year strategy which revamps the way it provides grants to charities and includes a commitment to multi-year unrestricted funding. As part of the new strategy, Henry Duncan Grants that support grassroots charities in Scotland are changing to offer mainly unrestricted grants of up to five years. The Corra Strategy 2020-2030 will try to help bring about three big changes.

  • The power to create change rests with people themselves.
  • People with ideas for radical change are supported, skilled, connected and confident.
  • People are working together to respond to the big challenges facing Scotland.
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